About Nexus Alliance NA

Integrity, Quality, and Reliability are the three core principles that Nexus Alliance N.A. is built on.  We believe that providing these values in the work we perform will deliver quality projects that meet the needs of the traveling public.

Integrity guarantees that Nexus Alliance N.A. employees are aware of their responsibilities and take ownership of their work.  This requires openly communicating with clients, contractors, citizens, and stakeholders to resolve issues during all phases of a project, while providing honest answers for any situation that may arise. When a mistake is made, we take ownership of such errors and work to provide a workable solution that will satisfy all parties.

Quality ensures that the work we perform meets our own high standards. We have processes in place to guarantee that work is thoroughly reviewed at multiple points prior to delivering a project. Our QA/QC review checklists include items that the client requires, along with items that we feel are important to work being completed effectively.  

Reliability guarantees our services are available day in and day out. Nexus Alliance N.A commits to providing experienced project managers and construction inspectors that are qualified for each project. We are proactive in initiating difficult discussions with the contractor, ensuring they are following specifications to avoid major problems and take the pressure off the client’s staff.